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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  November 10, 2010 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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in texas, flying around. well, those are space peopl and from all the places where they were flying the blue dotted things around they got on the buses, they got on buss and they took their buses to the west coast where they swam off the coast by catalina and took the rocket ship back to the home planet. and now you know the news. >> the party. the protest. today, the people. is anyone in washington getting it? welcome, everyone. i am here for neil cavuto. this is "your world." look at this, house speaker nancy pelosi hosting a party behind closed doors. actually, closed curtain. celebrating bigger government programs. and the president's debt commission taking major insults after releasing a smaller government plan to slash federal building by $200 billion by 2015
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barely a dent in the nearly $14 trillion worth of debt. already lawmakers from both sides of the aisle are slamming the ideas calling them "provocative and disturbing." charles says that it disturbing. $200 billion used to be a lot of money. >> 9 interest on what we owe will be $1 trillion a year. a year by 2020. they acknowledge the problems. and they tackled a lot of things but they surprised some people, on medicare, no one is touching that. no political will for that. they tackled things like defense spending. i don't think anyone thought they would tackle that. but they have to tackle that. social security. and medicare. >> the big three: social security, medicare and medicaid combined and defense is 60 percent of the budget. you have to go. one or some of those.
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>>reporter: went after social security, new ages 6, this is a good start in the right direction but that number will get to 70, i think, there is no way and it. and medicare, no way around it. defense spending i thought was interesting, if you talk about freezing the salary of soldiers that's off base but freezing the salary of civilian workers, that could work. and we know there is a lot of stuff, programs, planes and boats, and generals and add mrls say we don't need it or want it so this could be room. but paying in two wars people don't want to hear it. cut the federal workforce by 10 percent. a story in the paper about the number making more than $150,000 a year. you don't want to take away from the families but when that jumped tenfold in five years, when will we look at that and make the retirement age for federal and state workers the same as for those of us in the private sector. >> i agree.
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it is outrageous that people are taking, seeing their tax dollars to pay people in the same occupation in the pegging federl government making twice as much as you. ship. >> they even mentioned the possibility of cutting back on the mortgage interest tax deduction. >>guest: they did. but they said on the mortgages of $500 million, rather, $500,000 home and more. but, $500,000, i don't think that will go through. again, homeownership. >> but $500,000 can be a three bedroom ranch in some areas. >>reporter: and the prices are going up around the country. but most compelling, three new tax brackets, 8 percent, 14
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percent, and 28 percent. that's pretty compelling. >> these are proposals much the full report due out december 1st. >> there was due out in three weeks. get the ball rolling. see what kind of will the politicians have after all. >> they are floating it out there, charles. thank you. eliminate all congressional earmarks. that deficit commission delivering republican senator demint a helping hand today in his battle against republican senator mcconnell who is against a pork ban. two more republican senators signing on to the pledge. oklahoma republican senator inhofe is joining us now. welcome, senator. >>guest: you better tell them's i start i am the most scbive member because why want them to get confused as to where i am coming from.
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>> we will note that. i give you credit because when you come out and say you are against a ban on earmark most of america thinks earmarks are simply unnecessary spending. detail your position on this. >>guest: when the house did it, the house made a definition, they came out with a definition of "earmark," caused clause 6, rule 21 of the house of representatives and defined them as appropriations or all authorizations. in other words, these guys cannot aappropriate or authorize. and the constitution says we are supposed to authorize and be doing the spending. it is very clear. >> you mean congress? >>guest: the house and the senate f we don't do it, the president does it. when you eliminate an earmark you do not save a nickel. this is very important people understand this. i am on the armed services committee and the president has his budget and says this is how i want to defend america.
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i don't agree with the president. so we study this and instead of having a launching system that costs $300 million we took that off, say we cannot afford it and we want six more f-18 fighters so we do that. is that an earmark under their definition? and the one if the senate, it is an earmark. so we will send that money back to obama and that is why president obama is all for john mccain and demint's ban on earmarks. >> well, neil cavuto spoke with rand paul and senator demint. >> we will not cut spending if we think it is the job of congress men and senators to maybe local pack lots. >> we have had politicians that pander and say we will continue to bring you home the bacon, bring everything home to you, there are no problems. >> it should stay in effect until we get the process
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reformed so we do not have the trade making. so, you see the point, members of your own party, senator, automatically assume an earmark is some sort of worthless pork spending. >>guest: this is the problem we have. i talked to frank luntz, and he said you are right but the public is brain washed thinking a lot of these are the very liberal members of congress, into thinking that earmarks are all bad. if you quit saying earmark and say appropriations i will buy it, do you remember when hannity came out with 102 most eeg greegous earmarks, i went to the senate floor and read off the 102 earmarks and i asked what they had in common? not one was a congressional earmark, they were bureaucratic earmarks that came from president obama.
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i don't want to guest my constitutional authority to president obama and most of the people would understand that. the problem is, i have to explain this on monday and it will be on tv, on the senate floor, i have a solution to the problem, i have a bill that will answer the problem, and not allow big spending republicans and democrats to rattle the sword of earmarks and then hide the fact that they are big spenders. it needs to be done and i know that not many people agree with this right now but they will before it is over. >> you are in for a fight and we appreciate you detailing that position. thank you very much. >>guest: thank you very much. as the debt commission moves today to scale back the size of government, nancy pelosi is celebrating it. she is hosting a party to tout achievements of the 111th congress including health care which, by the way, is a huge new
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government entitlement. this is exclusive new video of the speaker arriving for the party moments ago. now to the pollster mentioned who i do not think received one of those invites. frank, senator inhofe invoking your name? >>guest: the american people do want to san a message and they did on november 2nd: stop spending. wake up. the public, the people watching this broadcast right now are so frustrated with washington that does not get the message, they don't want the stimulus package, they don't want wall street bailouts, and they don't want a government take over of health care. so i watch this battle when the senate and i wish the republicans were not fighting over it because in the end it is nancy pelosi that they are so angry at, that the public does want to eliminate earmarks because they think that is
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wasteful spending but they are looking for long term solutions and i hope senator inhofe will talk about that on monday. >> what do you make of pelosi's party or "meeting." >>guest: this is what it is interesting, some we is celebrating and i quote, "the democrat accomplishments," the thing that caused at least 61 memberses, or more, the biggest gain in over 50 years and she is celebrating that legislation. you have numbers back there from freedom works. we did a survey that took place the day before the election and what we found was that nancy pelosi is actually the most unpopular politician in america. she is more unpopular than the democratic party. she has, you need to reverse the number, 27 percent favorable for nancy pelosi and 51 percent unfavorable, the only politician
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in america where a majority of the public opposed her and she throws a party to celebrate when the rest of america would say, tear down that curtain, democrats either get back to work or go home. there are former democratic congress people and senators would probably are sitting at home right now victims of a lost election, watching this if they are watching this and thinking, why in the heck is she throwing a party when i lost my election. it must tick off her own party. >>guest: you stop focus on the election and you focus on the american people and if i were a democratic operate ever i would attend that function and i would be thrown out but i would go up to her and say the american people voted on election day, how dare you seek to run again as democratic minority leader when it was your agenda that caused this massive defeat in
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the first place. i don't think she gets it. >> thank you. you get it. you are looking live at alaska where thousands of ballots in the race for senate of being counted including ballots misspelling the write in candidate, senator murkowski's name. the republican candidate joe miller wants that stopped and filed suit and he is here. [ engine revving ]
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>> the ballots are counseled. both sides are lawyering up. joe miller is suing to stop the state from counting ballots that misspell murkowski's name. and now the first interview since filing the suit. joe, why file this lawsuit now? >>guest: well we are interested in the rule of law being followed. we have a situation now where the rules are being made up as we go along. in this state, we had a state statue applied with a write in campaign, for several others including for taylor in 1998 and
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it was a different standard. we want the law applied fairly and we do not have subjective standard being applied in 15 different ways. we think it is important that state law be followed. >> critics will say this is sour grapes. give us details on what you found that pushed you to file suit. >> it is not sour grapes. two months ago the senator announced a write in campaign. at the beginning of the campaign she spent hundreds of thousands advertising that people that wanted to write her name in needed to do it right and an ad was a spelling beacon test and she passed out thousands of wristbands and she knew the standard, and a day ago, the division of election issued out a new standard, one that does not follow state law and we are asking the courts to say, look, the state legislature imposed a standard and it needs to be the same standard we applied before in alaska and we should not
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change the rules as we go just because an incumbent senator is in the process of trying to win an election. this is not that far out as far as votes. we are counting absentee ballots and we have another 12,000 to go and a number of question ballots, 10,000 or 12,000 and the gap was narrowed by 2 percent yesterday. so we are continuing to see closing as far as the numbers. no vote has been coupled for senator murkowski, but this is a matter making sure we have clear rules on the background and that they follow state law. >> if someone wrote her name incorrectly, would you consider that a vote for senator murkowski? >>guest: it is not my decision or the decision of the individual teams on the ground to make that decision, it is the decision of the state statute that controls. murkowski those a high standard of a write in campaign. there are rules that go along with it, rules that have been followed throughout the course of political history and the
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state of alaska, and 8 percent of the ballots in taylor's bid in 1998 were disqualified and now over a day before the count begins, we get a new standard that could have been issued two months ago that doesn't follow state statute so we are saying, look, the legislature enacted a law, the legislators were elected by those if alaska and the law should be followed. the same rule she expected to fall under when she started the bid and that is why she had hundreds of thousands of advertising dedicated to teaching people how to spell her name. >>shepard: and your views on the debt commission with early proposals, $200 billion, a drop in the bucket on the total debt. what do you make of that deficit panel's recommendation? >>guest: i have not reviewed the details but this country is in trouble. if we did not get control of the deficit we will have an upside down economy as a consequence of
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the federal government getting drug down by bankruptcy. we see problem with our foreign creditors with a bond rating downgrade, real concerns the country must address in a forceful way or we will be in a heap of trouble. >> thank you very much, sir. we are trying to crash nancy pelosi's private party and we will see if he was able to get in. and the latest country to see violent protests over plans to cut government spending. over plans to cut spending here will prevent ugly protests. back in the 80's, it was really tough for me and my family.
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>> actually, the party has all right started, the close the curtain behind which nancy pelosi is hosting her private get together to celebrate the accomplishment of the 111th congress. fox business network's reporter has been trying to sneak into the party. he is joining us by phone. rich, any luck? >>reporter: caught a look of the inside and it's typical capitol hill reception, but this is falling a week after democrats took such a beating in the midterm lelszs but -- elections but we have seen folks walking in and out and the speaker went through the side staircase and went through the side entrance and would not speak to reporters and other top democrats are here. most of the folks here you have seen are folks you have seen supporting health care in the past and this is now starting to
4:25 pm
see people actually sneak out the back door. >> if this is something to be proud of, if you are going to host a party to celebrate the accomplishments, why do you need to hide it behind a curtain? >>guest: that is a good question and another question if we will see the top democrats coming out after. we have invited democrats to come along and speak to us and talk about what is going on and perhaps what they plan on doing as the minority party in the nbc congress and we hope to hear from them. >> do you hear morery -- do you hear merry making? >>reporter: that happens around the holidays. early for that. >> will an aide be fired for not putting up a blue curtain? >>reporter: not sure about that. >> if you get into the party, and there is no bouncer so no one there to grease, pay no attention to the woman behind
4:26 pm
the curtain. thank you, rich. first greece, then france. now england. protesters in london turning violent over government plans to hike college tuition in an of the to cut government debt on the same day that president obama's debt panel recommends a lot of spending cuts in america. but is the reaction in washington, dc to the proposed cuts guaranteeing their won't be any need to protest here in america? and now, a business professor from the university of maryland, good to chat with you. i seem to recall a couple of years ago cuts coming in the university of california's state university system and there were protests. not like this. but they were there. is this coming again to america? >> not because of what this debt commission has come up. they want to raise the retirement age from 66 to 68 by 2050. that is not a change. but it opens the discussion and
4:27 pm
touches slightly the third rail. but what is most disturbing, government spending is up by about 20 percent of g.d.p. over the last four years, from 20 percent to 25 percent even after the stimulus is gone but this document does not talk about the big areas, entitlements, the big increase in health care spending but the classic democratic proposal, cut defense spending and freeze government wages for three years, and there are tax cuts in there but the republicans, the minority, had to pay for everything they got with tax increases someplace else, so, you know, i don't think this argument is going very far and it is not big and it is out of step with political reality because the republicans have the house. >> we have a democrat coming on in a bit on the program supporting letting the bush tax cuts expire. can you lay it out and say to america right now, historically, tax receipts as a percentage of the economy don't move more than
4:28 pm
a few percent regardless of what the tax rate is because people in companies, therefore, avoid taxes more. >>guest: absolutely if we let the bush tax cuts expire people will find other ways and other places to invest their money and there are plenty of those places in asia. what is now a rush to asia will become a stampede. it is absolute folly to push up the marginal rates that will be over 50 percent and have the death tax and state and local taxes, you will put $1 in play and you get $1 back and keep 18 cents. >> higher taxes do not necessarily mean more money for uncle sam. more on what cutting entitlements programs will mean to the u.s. tomorrow on fox business network at 2:00 p.m.
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the anchor likes pink ties and ted turner will be the guest, business pioneer, and guy that cussed me out the last time we spoke. by the way, if you are not getting the fox business network, demand it. this is rich, $100,000 a year is now being considered "rich." karl rove on why americans are facing tax hikes even if the bush tax cuts are extended. >> more than 100 companies and unions are getting excel shuns so will that make it easier to kill the whole thing. stay tuned. yellowbook has always been good for business. but these days you need more than the book. you need website develoent, 1-on-1 marketing advice, search-engine marketing,
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>> it looks like $100,000 a year could be the new rich. congress gets ready to decide whether to tax the so-called rich more today we learn they may get slammed no matter what washingtonst. bank of america, one of the company's reportedly hiking health care costs for people making $100,000 a year or more. those folks will pay 14 percent more for their health care premiums. a white house senior advisor is not surprised and karl rove's book is now out in paperback. good to see you.
4:34 pm
listen, i will not say $100,000 is chump change, it is still a lot of money, but is this another example, really, of wealth redistribution. >>guest: this is a result of obamacare, companies having to deal with the fact that obamacare is going to cause health care insurance premiums to rise faster than they would otherwise. a study was done by price water house, for example, and it said if we did noting if we passed nothing we could expect 79 percent increase in health insurance premiums but with obamacare and the new mandates and requirements and rules and regulations we would see that go up 111 percent so companies, we are seeing the insurance company saying the new rules are causing the cost of your insurance to go up, and the sums are significant. i talked with a c.e.o. of a
4:35 pm
company with 100,000 employees and their bill is expected to be by the time the full bill is implemented in 2015 to be $90 million and the c.e.o. says i do not have $65 million in free crash flow so companies are frying to figure how to do this and they means test insurance premiums so the bigger your paycheck, the greater the percentage of the cost of health insurance. >> should it be based on your risk as someone that will consume health care rather than income? >> remember, the new law includes a thing called community rating which basically says that younger healthy people have to subsidize the care, the insurance premiums of older less well individuals. and this is build into the new obamacare so insurance companies are having to take this into consideration. a number of states have had experimented with community rating and dropped it because they found it had a bad effect
4:36 pm
raising premiums of healthy individuals because of a requirement of narrowing the ban, the cost between the people who are healthy and those who are not as healthy, you had to narrow the band you could charge them and you did that by raising it on healthy people and that is being built into the calculations of the insurance company moving forward so the government is causing this to happen. it is not that the companies i would suspect would not like to do this but they are going to have to deal with the environment they are being placed in by the new law. >> and while i am sure you received an invite to the event and could not make it what do you make of "party" to celebrate the accomplishments of the 111th congress and the fact it is being held behind a curtain so people like us cannot look in on it. >>guest: well, this woman has demonstrated nothing but tone deafness since election day. i took her comments that it was
4:37 pm
a communication problem and the american people are not bright enough to understand what we is done for them and she is so proud of the accomplishments that caused the largest number of democrats since 1938 to be defeated by republicans, it caused her party to have fewer members in the house of representatives, than any time since 194, this woman is completely tone deaf this is part of her effort for get re-elected as the leaders of her caulk, in much diminished minority caulk in -- caucus in e next congress but it does not present a good image. >>shepard: the president sat down with a reporter recently to talk about his book and other points and we hear the democrats bash "the bush tax cut," and i am sure you heard what president bush said but here it is. >> too bad they call them the bush tax cuts but they could be extended if they were the
4:38 pm
"lauer" tax cuts. on a serious note, it is funny because the democrats have used bush tax cuts as an aggressive means to go at it but at the same time now the stimulus plan which is a credit they got no problem calling it the obama tax cuts which are not cuts they are credits. >>guest: you are right. they are treasure -- transfer payments to those who did not otherwise pay taxes. a poll yesterday from a republican polling effort and i helped play a role in getting the organization set up, but they ran a poll in conjunction with "democracy corporation," and it was released yesterday in new orleans, a bipartisan poll and you look at the independents and by a margin of 51-40 they support the extension of all the bush tax cuts even after they have been given the best
4:39 pm
argument that could be made of why they should be limited only to people would make less than $250,000 a year. so this is a winning argument and the democrats are on the one side and that is why 31 democrats said "extend them," and 37 signed the law or associated themselves with the letter and 41 said this should be voted on before we leave from washington. as always, thank you. >>guest: thank you. >> the debt commission talking about barely making a dent in america's $14 trillion in debt and my guest says this is in time to extend the tax cuts for everyone. senator dorgan, the democrat from north dakota. senator you heard karl rove's position saying many people in your party support extending them for everyone, even the "rich." do you? >>guest: the tax cuts
4:40 pm
originally were to try to return a surplus to the american people over 10 years, and there wasn't any surplus, there were big deficits. my own view is in your discussion with karl rove there was no discussion about how do you reduce the federal budget debt and deficit? that's really important to me. it would be nice to give everyone tax cuts forever, and i am for that but i am also for making sure we have a fiscal policy that has some balance, but you don't do that by deciding to continue permanently to reduce your revenue. you have to cut spending and have additional revenue. >> well the spending side because the pafn -- panel made some recommendations including tax deductions and mortgage interest but $200 billion on $14 trillion i am not great in math but that is not a big amount. >>guest: and that will be hard to get. the sick we find ourselves in, and i like karl rove and i heard
4:41 pm
the questions and answers, the day he left the without, when he left the white house and turned it over to a new president we had 700,000 people that month that lost their job, a $1.3 trillion expected federal deficit that year, that's what they left. but it is republicans and democrat that have caused this problem together, and we need to find a way to solve it and this will be painful but it requires in my judgment real discipline on spending, and that means spending cuts in some areas, and it will means that we have to get some revenue. >> senator, you are a leader in the senate and would you be willing to make a deal to get a compromise so that taxes don't go up on everyone because right now unless you guys do something they are going to go up, would you be willing to make a deal to extend all tax cuts for a limited time to get something done? >>guest: i prefer not to do that but what i would do if i were able to write it i would
4:42 pm
say extend the tax cuts for middle income folks for two years and see where we are, but having said that, if we extend all the tax cuts permanently as some want as this point you cut another $4 trillion hole in the twist situation and that adds $4 trillion to the debt in 10 years, and one of the things we need to talk about is how do we get control of this debt and deficit because that is the only thing that will get people confidence going forward in this country, and i wish nobody had to pay any taxes at all. but, we need to cut spending. we need also to get some revenue. >> thank you, senator dorgan. >>guest: thank you. >> it is one huge government plan, the deficit commission did not touch and it is why my next guest says we will never, really, cut our debt. virginia governor mcdonnell and the one thing the pan will missed. missed.
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>> republican utah senator hatch joining a challenge to the health care law saying it is unconstitutional on the same day that the doubt commission talks about cuts to a lot of programs but not a bit about health care. your next guest says that is a problem. virginia governor mcdonnell is fighting the health care law and he joins us now. governor, welcome to "your world," what are you prepared to do to fight the health care law? good to be here. we have taken the lead of being the first state in the country to file suit a number of months ago on the grounds this is not constitutional under the commerce clause of the united states constitution. we have had a hearing in federal court a month ago and expect a ruling when the next 45 days by the end of the year. in addition to the constitutional problem we think this is a $2 billion unfunded mandate the next 10 years on the citizens of virginia, medicaid
4:47 pm
is growing drily in our state budget and so it raised all kinds of robs and i think while this debt commission did a good job with ideas it is not bold enough and does not address the health care issue. >> many viewers could be confused what power the states have over a federal law. how do you approach this? what power do you believe your state and others that are also fighting it truly have? >> we have primarily what the united states constitution permits. the way they have written the law it is 3,300 pages and you sort through it it proposes federal mandates and through their belief they have the power to make an individual citizen purchase a product of insurance and if you dope, fine you. one of the first bills i signed in the spring says you cannot do that in virginia so that helps us give us some state standing
4:48 pm
but we are appealing to the federal courts on the basis of the commerce clause that it doesn't give the congress that authority. in the meantime we are trying to inflame the other provisions that are required now and the big mandates started in 2014 and we have time through the federal courts to fight this. it will be a tremendous cost to the states and the federal government and there are probably smarter ways the congress can reform health care and i help they have the courage to repeal and replease with -- replace with a more market-paced solution. >> 19 pelosi is at her party celebrating the accomplishments of the 111th congress suggested when the american people learn to live with there and realize what is in it they will come to like it. your comment. >>guest: i suggest she look at the polls, the results of last tuesday. i don't think that is what the
4:49 pm
american people were saying. they were saying we need less government, less bureaucracy, less taxes, and we need to focus on what palm care about. it is jobs. it is the economy. that is overwhelmingly the message. i don't think this is necessarily a warm fuzzy embrace of what the republicans have done. but with the leadership of boehner and the others they understand this is the heart of what we have to do: strengthen the free enterprise system and reduce spending and get something done about the crushing unsustainable $14 trillion national debt and that is why i think the republicans won. miss pelosi is dead wrong on the health care. >> governor, as a virginia tech graduate, can i get a "go hokie." >> actually, it is my daughter, who will be a master degree's recipient soon, but, yes, go
4:50 pm
hokie. >> we heard from joe. now the judge on how the battle over the write in ballots in
4:51 pm
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4:53 pm
>> the legislature enacted the law. the legislators were elected by alaska and that law needs to be followed. the same rule that senator murkowski expected to fall under when she started this write in bid why she had advertising dedicated to teaching people how to spell her name. >> that is joe miller telling us moments ago his battle over the write-in ballots is just getting started. he filed a lawsuit to prevent misspelled votes for senator murkowski from being counted. the judge, now on which
4:54 pm
candidate has the law on their side. >>judgenapolitano: you are a lawyer. >> i have a law degree, so that makes me dangerous. >>judgenapolitano: there is the law and there is the law, the law as written by the legislature, of the state of alaska, and it says the name must be spelled as it is registered. there is the law as interpreted by the supreme court of alaska which says it is the job of the ballot counter to discern the intent of the voter, so, as we were talking, you said if they spell her name incorrectly but close, a question you put to joe miller, does it count, yes. something like that would count. >> we have a graphic, would this counsel? >> any new tall person would say it is the intent of this voter to cast that ballot for senator
4:55 pm
murkowski. >> but state law says it must be held correct? >> and the highest authority interpreting that law says "correct" means the intent of the voter. he filed a lawsuit in federal court in order to avoid the snare of that state law to try and get a physical judge where he once sat to look at this differently. i say there as someone would wants him to win, he is the tea party guy, and i am a family guy, but the law is what it is and it is the intent ... okay, here is unqiueness of alaska law. in most states, in new jersey, where we live, i could write in your name and it would count whether you registered as a potential cap date or not. in alaska, whoever has a name written in must register so if
4:56 pm
there is someone else registered named lisa m. then it would not count for her because it is ambiguous. >> but if there was only one lisa m.? >> yes. yes. it would count. if there is only one lisa m. he is hoping that judges will rule deftly than i believe the alaska judges will rule but that is hope. he has to make up 14,000 votes. he has going for him the fact that there are 400 names registered with some varieties of last name starting with m. >> you have a show that is successful that is now going to be nightly. >> it is, it will be 8:00 p.m. on the fox business network "freedom watch." >> each night starting when? >> starting monday, november 15th. i am your night watchman. i watch the government when it steals your money and freedom.
4:57 pm
>> you wanted to call it night court but that nature was already taken. >> right and another network had the copyright. >> look forward to it. >> craigs. judge napolitano, thank you. if you don't get fox business network demand it. here's a myth, having an insurance agent costs you more money. the truth: an allstate agent can save you a bundle,
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